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So excited to join
Congressman Mills, Senator Grall and so many MEGA supporters today to Celebrate President Trump's Birthday!
Big thanks to Brognano Family for this tremendous day together. #Make America Great Again

🇺🇸 Happy #FlagDay! We honor the symbol of our nation's unity, strength, and freedom. Today, we celebrate our nation’s flag and thank all who have served to protect it.

At 1:03 p.m. today, Governor DeSantis signed the 2024/2025 Budget, showcasing a remarkable $17B surplus. The budget reflects the states dedication to funding crucial areas like environment, education, healthcare, law enforcement and more.

This week, Governor DeSantis announced a historic $1.25B increase for teacher salaries in the 2024-25 budget! Since 2019, FL has invested over $4B in teacher pay, raising starting salaries by nearly $10K. #FLEducation #TeacherPay

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